Play With Me

Cosmic Human Design Readings,  Ancestral Healing, Body Wisdom Coaching + more

Introduction Call

This is a 30 Minute call to discuss what I do and how I can help you.  There is not charge for this call.

30 Minutes

Healing with the Ancestors

Connecting with the deep wisdom and healing energy within our bodies, the gift of our Ancestors, we access the energy of love, healing and vitality. This has the potential of bringing coherence, balance and truly life-changing experiences.

 2 Hours

Intro Cosmic HD Reading

Your soul came here with a plan to live a spectacular life. Your unique expression. Cosmic Human Design is the roadmap on how to live yours… in sync with the wisdom of our Ancestors.

1.5 Hours

Intuitive Counseling

This is a one hour session in a circle with Marla and the Ancestors to explore the energy and questions of your life + journey. 

1 Hour

Body Wisdom Coaching | Focus Session

Our bodies are vast storehouses of information. By using InterPlay Body Wisdom Tools, music and clarity created by intention and heart coherence practices, we quickly bring change, healing and integrity to lives. 

30 Minutes

Creative Consulting Exploration Mtg

Do you have a creative project you would like to discuss?

30 Minutes

Pick My Brain

Need some business insight? Got an idea you need to run by someone else? Here’s you chance.

30 Minutes