Music is food for the Soul.

Glorious – MaMuse

Painted On Canvas – Gregory Porter

Power of Kindness – MaMuse

Sleep Music Dreamy Lullabies at Night with Moon Sparkles – Relaxing Music for Adults and Babies

Jóhann Jóhannsson – ‘Flight From The City’ from Orphée

Glass – Hania Rani

Garden of Delights Meditation Music
Air + Earth Soothing Koshi Wind Chimes Meditation 432hz | Calm

Relaxing Kalimba Music for Meditation and Yoga

Jon Batiste and Stay Human – Let God Lead

Calling All Warriors – Thrive Choir (4:27 min)


Inuit Poem


In the very earliest time,
when both people and animals lived on earth,
a person could become an animal if he wanted to and an animal
 could become a human being.
Sometimes they were people
and sometimes animals
and there was no difference.
All spoke the same language.
That was the time when words were like magic.
The human mind had mysterious powers.
A word spoken by chance
might have strange consequences.
It would suddenly come alive
and what people wanted to happen could happen—
all you had to do was say it.
Nobody could explain this:

 That’s the way it was.

Knowledge is food for the Soul.

Move to Greatness – Ginny Whitelaw & Betsy Wetzig

The Four-Fold Way – Angeles Arrien, PH.D

What the Body Wants – Cynthia Winton-Henry with Phil Porter

Soulcraft, Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche – Bill Plotkin

Thank and Grow Rich – Pam Grout

In the Spirit of We’Moon, Celebrating 30 Years, An Anthology of We’ Moon Art and Writing

Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness – William A. Tiller Ph.D.

Biological Transmutation – C. Louis Kervran and George Ohsawa (Translator)

Power vs Force  – Dr. David R. Hawkins

The Power of Ritual: Turning Everyday Activities into Soulful Practices –  Casper ter Kuile 

Reality Transurfing Steps I-V by Vadim Zeland