About Marla

Hello and welcome to Modern Root Woman… where we serve food for the Soul.

A mystical experience with my dying aunt at age 5, opened the ability to walk between worlds for me. My experience led to a life-long study of sacred wisdom and esoteric arts including subtle energy healing, shamanism, my indigenous root medicine, BioGeometry, integral spirituality, alchemy, circle leadership, facilitation, InterPlay and more. I love good food, singing vocal improv., dancing and joyful travel adventures.

I also curate and produce the Alchemy Sampler, a sample box of alchemical elixirs handmade by gifted Makers.  AlchemySampler.com

And, I produce and host the monthly community call for the Women of Wisdom Foundation, Watering Wholeness.

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Professional Bio

Marla Durden is a creative entrepreneur, leadership coach and facilitator. She has a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, and an Entrepreneurial Leadership Masters from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)/Entrepreneurs’ Organization Birthing of Giants Program. A serial entrepreneur, Marla is a past recipient of the Seattle Mayor’s Small Business Award. 

A highly creative and strategic professional, Marla has been brand, strategy and leadership consultant for entrepreneurial and professional organizations for 20 years. Clients include manufacturing companies, law firms, business consultants, health care practices, architectural firms, nonprofits and professional development firms. 

A natural empath, Marla has 25+ years experience in the field of personal growth and development. She holds certifications in Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Firewalk Instruction, Hypnotherapy, Peerspirit Circle/Art of Hosting Facilitation and advanced studies in BioGeometry and Dowsing. She began studying Reiki in 1985 and has been a Reiki Master for 25 yrs. Marla is also a graduate of the Leadership Initiative of the Institute of Creative Development, the Hoffman Quadrinity Process, Insight Transformational Seminars and Waking Down In Mutuality. She is currently an InterPlay Leader in Training. She also facilitates transformational programs offered at Ghost Ranch.

Marla spent 15 years in leadership positions for the YWCA of the USA and the World YWCA, headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. In her role as a member of the Executive Committee Marla traveled the world widely; working on 5 continents; attending UN and planning international conferences; and working with and on behalf of 25 million women and their families the world over. 

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Marla is a whole brain thinker and graduate of Leadership Houston, class XXV. Her joy is spending time in Nature, dancing, singing, creating, learning new things and growing plants.



“Marla Durden is gifted at helping individuals achieve the changes they seek in themselves and in the world. She is a change agent with a spiritual orientation. Marla’s calm and peaceful manner, complemented by her wisdom, experience, and unique set of skills and talents help her clients achieve lasting external change through deep internal transformation. As my personal coach, Marla has made a significant contribution to my life. Through my work with her, I am moving through a defining moment, deeply connecting with who I am, and discovering my life’s purpose.” – Kym King 


“Marla is one of the most creative entrepreneurs I have met. She thinks outside of the box and is truly innovative in her approach. To be able to think creatively AND strategically is a rare strength that Marla has, and I would highly recommend working with her!” – Kristen Chadwick 

“I have been deeply impacted by Marla’s coaching practice. She is a consummate professional with the capacity for visionary creativity. She sees deeply into the heart of her clients and produces exceptional work to rave reviews.” – Rima Bonario