She is the pocket of time between inhale and exhale.
We dwell within her mystery, she dwells within our bones.

excerpt | Rosemary Wright 2019

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Friday, Saturday + Sunday
January, 20 – 22, 2023

Opening Ceremony 3pm PT | Friday, January 20th

GAIAN Congress

Co-Creating with the Subtle Realms
Taking Action Through the Power of our Connections

… a LIVE ONLINE Event …
Based on over two decades of connection and co-creation with the Subtle Realms.

    Register: https://gaiancongress.org/

It is an honor to facilitate ceremony at this very special gathering.


Do you love being in Nature?

That’s because Nature IS love! When you learn to connect with Nature Beings at a deeper level, their Love and Joy are available to nourish and support you at every moment.  Come deepen your relationship in a community of like-minded souls, where the field of Joy is so strong it can open your heart to new possibilities!

The Gaian Congress is based on over 20 years experience co-creating with Nature and all are invited to join, whether you have newly discovered the hidden realms of Earth or have many allies already.

We gather LIVE, online, creating a powerful field that amplifies our abilities and sensitivities. By connecting with each other we create a high vibrational field,  allowing us to connect more strongly and clearly with our unseen partners.  

This year we are joined by David Spangler, Tanis Helliwell, Brenda Salgado, Nora Herold, Orion Foxwood and more engaging presenters.

Come EXPERIENCE the power to TRANSFORM. Workshops provide opportunities to learn and expand our perspectives, connection circles, ritual, music and new found friends help us to experience the energies of the New Earth, and from this, we can change our reality.

Expand your capacity for Joy, Love and Peace as you experience a closer connection with the Subtle Realms!

Learn More and Register: https://gaiancongress.org/

Magical Egypt PRESENTS

Women of Wisdom

Lectures : Roundtables : Workshops

JANUARY 21- 28, 2023

We have allowed the immaterial, ephemeral, and imaginal aspects of our lives to become disconnected. In doing so, we have stripped ourselves of the transformational, transcendental and ecstatic experiences that give our life deep healing and deep meaning.

Women of Wisdom: A Celebration of the Immaterial is an invitation to remember ourselves – and reclaim the power of the mystical and the magickal. Join these exceptional Women Of Wisdom as we lift the veil and undertake a supersensible adventure!



THE MAGIC OF PLAY with Marla Durden


Come remember that you have powerful magic in your blood and bones. We are a part of a beautiful, vibrant Universe, pulsating with life and intelligence. Our heart beats for us over 100,000 times per day; our lungs breathe for us 22,000 times a day. Epigeneticists tell us we contain 13 generations of memories. At this very moment, your body allows you to read this text. Connecting to our body wisdom, consciously through the state of play, connects us to the unconscious field of knowing/belonging and to our Kin, sometimes known as Fae, Nature Spirits, Cosmic energies, and/or Ancestors. Play opens neural pathways, relaxes the mind, creates community and helps us to enter into relationships of co-creation that are mutually beneficial for all.

Connect with the wisdom of your body:

  • Learn how to co-create with Subtle Realms
  • Connect to your allies for mutually-beneficial creations
  • Experience the power of play to transform, heal and create
  • Engage the spirit of collaboration in connection and community


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Praise for Marla


“… divinely crafted, heart led leadership.”

“So very expansive. So much possibility in myself, for myself, for everyone.”

“I became aware of the sustaining power of nature and a new appreciation to look up and listen and feel the power of God all around me.”

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