She is the pocket of time between inhale and exhale.
We dwell within her mystery, she dwells within our bones.

excerpt | Rosemary Wright 2019

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We’re serving food for the Soul. Enjoy!

It’s about YOU!

It has ALWAYS been about You. From the moment of inception, through your first breath in this realm, and, until your last one… it has, and will be about You!

It’s about your life, here and now, your unique note, your song… the one that only you can sing… about your genius, your weirdness, your joy, your dreams, your growth and your connection in love, life and harmony with other You’s.

You have magic in your blood and bones, passed on to you by the Ancestors, nourished by Mother Nature. You are wiser and more powerful than you know. You came here to share the magnificent beauty and Love that You are… for the good of us all. This is You… your sacred, gifted, wonderful self.

Come play in the field of You! Join me for a journey of discovery and celebration… about You, in a circle of You’s.

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The Secrets of InterPlay for Helping Professionals is a time for self-care, self-reflection and skill-building.   As Audre Lorde reminds us – “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”Join us for a  “Secrets of InterPlay” live online retreat 2 Saturdays.  Immerse yourself in the InterPlay philosophy and practice the tools of artfully unlocking the wisdom of your body in the company of a supportive and creative community.Learn how you can use the tools and ideas of InterPlay to enhance your work and collaborations with clients, patients, students, interns and other staff. Get your body, mind, heart, and spirit together.  Learn more about yourself through connection and community, and how this learning can enhance your effectiveness  in your helping profession. Create more ease and fun in your life and in your life’s work. This multiple-day event will give you direct experience in many aspects of the InterPlay system.  It is also an essential element of the  InterPlay Life Practice Program for Helping Professionals  that will follow, should you choose to participate. This program will be a way to deepen your practice over 6 Saturdays

You are welcome to attend this Secrets of InterPlay Retreat, whether or not you are planning to do the Life Practice Program.  You can attend the retreat to help you decide if you want to do the whole Life Practice Program.

Secrets will be taught through Zoom.* A free, easy to access and use virtual platform.*Your facilitators have extensive experience with providing online, interactive offerings.*We have found ways to make the virtual classroom accessible, connective and restorative. Tuition: $400 tuition ($300 for repeaters) A $100 deposit secures your place in the program. Tuition for Secrets is included in full Life Practice Program tuition of $1,950 (a $300 savings while we are online). Repeating the ProgramAnyone who has previously completed the Secrets of InterPlay is eligible for the $300 repeaters rate. Financial AssistanceDiversity is a great gift in the InterPlay experience. Based on our commitment to Racial Equity and Transformation

Praise for Marla


“… divinely crafted, heart led leadership.”

“So very expansive. So much possibility in myself, for myself, for everyone.”

“I became aware of the sustaining power of nature and a new appreciation to look up and listen and feel the power of God all around me.”

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