She is the pocket of time between inhale and exhale.
We dwell within her mystery, she dwells within our bones.

excerpt | Rosemary Wright 2019

Welcome to Modern Root Woman

We’re serving food for the Soul. Enjoy!

International Week of InterPlay is an amazing opportunity for those curious about InterPlay to come experience the magic, it is also for the short/long-time InterPlayers to experience incredible leadership.

Come and join this free FUNdraiser of over 30 events where we will be sharing about the Giving Wings Circle, people who incrementally contribute to transforming the world through play, joy, ease, and connection.


DANCE CHAPEL w/ Marla Durden
Divine Love Rooted – body prayers for all our relations

(4th Wednesday is Hip Hop Dance Chapel)

Join us as we dance our prayers for ourselves, Ancestors, Big Momma and all our relations. An hour of poetry, inspired music, connection and indigenous wisdom creates a circle of belonging and healing. This message is an invitation to join me at Wednesday Rising Dance Chapel, Divine Love Rooted: body prayers for all our relations…




Women of Wisdom Foundation Community Call
(3rd Wednesday of every month)

WOW Watering Wholeness

Staying Connected in Conflict

Brains are designed to thrive in relationships, and big growth happens through conflict. Connection in Conflict tools protect you from power struggles and empower you to problem-solving, even during the most charged of circumstances in this most stressful of societies.

We will look at why conflict is particularly hard in our society, why it is important for growth, and tools for co-regulating with others so that connection and reflection can take place.

Betty Peralta, MIT, MSc, IMH-E® (III) is an education and mental health specialist. She started her career by teaching in K-12 schools and taught for 14 years in Seattle, The Dominican Republic, Kuwait, and Tanzania. She became an infant and childhood mental health specialist in 2014 and is now a trainer and consultant for parents, family service providers, agency supervisors, and child welfare workers. Her private practice is ALTA: Alternative Learning and Therapeutic Avenues, and she can be found online at altavenues.com.


REGISTER HERE *FREE*: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/v5EpcuGgrj4tMVR5bk-yEfUR73F0yXtdTw

HIP HOP Dance Chapel

Wednesday, October 26th, 9-10 am | PDT

Y’all ready to get your embodied prayers on, with an attitude of
gratitude and celebration? Join me for some soulful, praiseworthy dance
church, as we celebrate the divine in each other and all things!



PARTICIPANT’s LINK https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8257481773?pwd=R0c2dmN3dDhsbnMxYUh1aEpPNkZiQT09

Group Focus Sessions w/ Marla Durden and Coke Tani

Come enjoy the power, grace and satisfaction of a Group Focus Session. Be supported for healing and change in your life. Group Focus Sessions allow us to experience what can happen when a group moves together in intentional, embodied safe space.

LIMITED to 8 participants.https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0D4DA9AD22AAF49-group


Dancing Ancestor Prayers of Blood and Bone

Dia de Muertos Celebration

SATURDAY, October 29th, 10AM-noon | PDT
Many have lost their connection to the vital thread of life that links us to the wisdom of the Ancestors and the incredible power, beauty and dignity this connection brings. With all that is going on in the world, now more than ever, we need the revitalizing connection to the wisdom of our Ancestors for healing, direction and comfort.
This retreat will incorporate InterPlay, shamanic journeys and indigenous practices to honor our Ancestors and acknowledge their struggles and gifts. Then we will embody their best qualities and make our own commitments to honor their legacy, becoming good Ancestors ourselves.
Remembering our essential connection to Nature, and each other, we will share the Soul nourishing stories of our Ancestors and reflect on how they give us strength and resilience, in a circle of belonging. Our intention is that you leave with a greater embodied connection to that which nourishes and feeds your Soul; and with tools to help you to access this wisdom + comfort anytime.
Financial support for this project has been provided by the Racial Equity and Transformation (RET) Mini Grant through InterPlay.

Registration/Information: Contact Marla at 206/414-9009
or email: ModernRootWoman@gmail.com

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