She is the pocket of time between inhale and exhale.
We dwell within her mystery, she dwells within our bones.

excerpt | Rosemary Wright 2019

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Magical You Playbook and Embodied Self-Care Journal InterPlay BOOK LAUNCH:

Come celebrate the launch of The Magical You Playbook and Embodied Self-Care Journal by Seattle Certified InterPlay Leader, Marla Durden.

Join the fun with refreshments, play and book signings and reading.

Saturday, May 11th, 1-3pm | 7400 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

About the Book:

You Are The Magic + You Are The Medicine!

Welcome to the self-care journey of your dreams.

This Playbook and Embodied Self-Care Journal is an invitation and guide to help you remember who you truly are… a magical, beautiful, expansive being with gifts to give and messages to share for the good of us all.

Within these pages, you will find tools and activities that support you in nurturing your innate magical gifts, sacred connections and body wisdom in fun, creative and thoughtful ways.

Enjoy over 150 fun, sneaky-deep practices, activities, journal prompts, affirmation coloring pages, inspiration and wisdom drawn from energy shamanism, indigenous root wisdom, sacred geometry, reality transurfing, science and the body wisdom practices of InterPlay. They are deceptively simple, but there is great power in simplicity.

Come home to the magic of you!
May your journey be one of beauty, wonder, joy and laughter.

What people say…
“This beautiful book is an invitation to take time for yourself to explore the beauty, wisdom, inspiration of your deepest soul longings. So much to enjoy and savor!”
-Sharie B.

“I have just recently started, and am so excited to delve into this beautiful resource! Thank you Marla! You’ve done it again!”

“Highly recommend this book – The words, pictures and concepts are beautiful and make my soul smile. After reading the ebook I’m excited to order the paper book version too!”
-Christine G.

About the Author:

Marla Durden is an artist, activist and medicine woman working in conscious co-creation with Nature. A highly sensitive empath with 30 years experience in the fields of personal growth and development, she is a strategic and creative thinker, whose joy is to help people reconnect with their innate Divinity, and to share their greatest gifts.

Author of The Magical You Playbook and Embodied Self-Care Journal, Marla is a creative consultant, leadership coach and transformational facilitator. Highly creative, she creates… books, events, experiences and more; guides individuals and organizations; and leads retreats and workshops. A Certified InterPlay Leader, Marla hosts a weekly Dance Chapel, and produces and hosts Watering Wholeness – a monthly call for Women of Wisdom Foundation.

You can learn more and connect with Marla at http://ModernRootWoman.com

Holden Village: A Magical Summer Camp for Body and Soul

An Art of Ensoulment Retreat with Cynthia Winton-Henry and Marla Durden

July 28 – August 2, Holden Village in Eastern Washington

Experience the Awe-Inspiring Holden Village Retreat Center in Washington State’s North Cascades Mountains near Glacier Peak Wilderness, GIFT YOURSELF a truly extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime space to dance with the divine where we nurture our innate genius and connection. We will have time to play and learn together, space for rest and exploration in a most beautiful and sacred land, and more. Join Cynthia, and Marla, and meet other inspired faculty teaching during the week.

Join Week 8 of Holden’s Summer Program, July 29 – Aug 2, where amazing teachers work side by side. You’ll experience Cynthia and Marla prayerfully model earth-based spirituality, elemental connection, art-based practices, and respect for indigenous leadership as they offer InterPlay’s restorative movement practices, music, story, and silence. The sessions accommodate each person’s unique capacities and energy as we Honor Our Spirit Team, Center Our Creative Birthrights, Divine Our Purpose, Dance with Suffering, Bow to Limits, and Come Home to Beauty. Get The Art of Ensoulment Playbook now to begin nurturing more connection to body and soul and support others to do the same.


We Suggest 5 Nights of All-Inclusive Room, Board**, and Workshop–**approx. $685. See Holden Village Lodging here. Inquire with Holden Village for financial help.

You Choose Your Length of Stay:  1-6 nights @ $137/night, or for 7+ nights @ $118/night…Children (4-17) $96/night/or 7+ @ $82/night, 3 and under free!

Other Costs include Parking fee @$35 and round-trip ferry @ $78

Probably an overnight B&B in Chelan. Stay at Holden B&B. Contact Roberta @ (509) 687-9695 or email BandB@HoldenVillage.org to book a stay at 21081 S Lakeshore Rd, Chelan, WA 98816.

Ferry Tickets: Take the 8:30 am Chelan ferry to Holden Village to Lucerne/Holden Village boat dock. https://ladyofthelake.com/holden-village/ Holden Transport meets the Chelan Lady II or Express Uplake Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with returns on Stehekin Ferry Downlake Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays. https://stehekinferry.com/holden-village-lucerne/ .

Make Your Reservation: https://www.holdenvillage.org/visit/

RETREAT QUESTIONS? Feel free to reach out to cynthia@interplay.org Holden Village. Questions? Contact registrar@holdenvillage.com

Learn more here: https://cynthiawinton-henry.com/the-retreat-holden-village/


Come join us as we dance our prayers for ourselves, Ancestors, Big Momma Earth and all our relations. An hour of poetry, inspired music, connection and indigenous wisdom creates a circle of belonging and healing.

Divine Love Rooted: Body prayers for all our relations…

Click here for more info: https://modernrootwoman.com/?page_id=213178 



Y’all ready to get your embodied prayers on, with an attitude of gratitude and celebration? Join me for some soulful, praiseworthy dance church, as we celebrate the divine in each other and all things!

Click here for more info: https://modernrootwoman.com/?page_id=214745

“Marla Durden is one of those people I could talk with for hours. From an early age she became aware of subtle energy and has been studying it ever since. From hands-on healing to dowsing to BioGeometry, she has accrued a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. She teaches and leads groups and runs a psycho-spiritual mentoring practice in Seattle. She is also quite familiar with the mushroom spirits and we begin the first hour discussing her connection with those teachers, and Marla has a lot to say on that subject. The conversation weaves into the topic of BioGeometry, which is about creating an energetic field through geometry “on steroids” to quote Marla. In her work Marla has encountered entity possession and in the second hour I had her share her experience and knowledge on that subject. We also discuss magic, manifesting and the power of the mind, high frequency nutrition, Ormus, Rene Quinton’s sea plasma, and more. Marla is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and this 2-hour conversation with her is time very well spent!”

-Shonagh Home

Watch first hour here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlUTVSyUoNs

Praise for Marla


“… divinely crafted, heart led leadership.”

“So very expansive. So much possibility in myself, for myself, for everyone.”

“I became aware of the sustaining power of nature and a new appreciation to look up and listen and feel the power of God all around me.”

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